Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Pics= nightmare

Anyone that has small children knows what a nightmare it is to get a professional picture done. You have to dress X amount of kids. They have to make it over to the studio with out any spits ups muddy pants or head bands out of whack. You hope and pray they cooperate. Get in the car try not to get too wrinkly. sp? And there you make it to the studio, only to find out they are not ready for you. UGH (bangs head against wall) Why on earth do you make appointments if they are not honored I am thinking to myself.

So it's our time finally after meandering around the mall killing time. Get everyone in place, and here we go. Richie refuses to smile. He says NO at the top of his lungs he doesn't want to according to him. He tell the nice lady No so many times it isn't even funny. He wants to play with the blocks and toys rather than sit still. Gianna bickers her knees are tired they had her on her knees posing. Nicholas can only sit back and decide now is a good time to gnaw on my shirt and for good measure spit up as well. Than proceeds to eat his shirt as well. I love it thank heavens for dark colors.

My hubby misses a more formal portrait he says where he stands and everyone else does as well. He doesn't like the posing that is done at a certain kiddie place. So after 24 shots we got 2 and it wasn't even our best 2 but oh well. It's done. PHEW
On to next year and hopefully better pictures.