Sunday, December 23, 2007

The look of fear....

Yep I will probably scare my guests. I am going to cook Christmas Dinner by myself. Anyone who knows my family knows that Big Richie is the cook in the family. The man can whip up just about anything. I swear I should be about 400 lbs. But anyways my point is Richie has to work Christmas Eve as well as day. That means I need to make food by myself on Christmas day. Usually we don't do anything but this year he wants to start the tradition of having Christmas day festivities at our home. I am excited about it starting our own traditions heck we've been married 8 years now we should start some right?

But I am nervous I am afraid I will burn something. I must say the menu is bleak. I will make a chicken pot pie (thanks costco), mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, sweet potatoes. And I bought some deserts from Vons. Oh and a ham.

Wish me luck