Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My easy go to meal.

When I am in a pinch and need to make something quick this is my go to meal. It's not pretty but it's good.

Buy some stewed tomato's what ever you like Italian style or Mexican.
And broccoli florets. See I am cheap and buy the store brand.

I brown some kielbasa and slice it up.

Throw it all in a pan, and let it simmer till the broccoli is cooked. Put the lid on.

Serve over jasmine or brown rice, and you are done.

Really it is that easy. I usually start the rice first. And by the time the rice is done the meat is too.

And yes my kids eat this and love it. :)


tiburon said...

Oooo that actually looks pretty good. I just might give it a try!

BiBi said...

That does look good! I second that, I'll have to try it!!