Monday, September 14, 2009

Just so you should know....

I love the color red.

Painted my nails red today fire engine red.

I have 2 sick kids, and think they are getting me sick too.

Gianna is doing a darn fundraiser for school. I hate those things.

I hate ham deli meat. It's gross.

I hate mushrooms. Who eats fungi anyways. Well except cheese.

I love my running shoes.

My hubby told me he needs to fire me.

I am not liking my math class. But I gotta deal with it.

I need to color my hair AGAIN!

We watch way too much TV here.

I love watching true blood.

No one reads my blog so I wonder why I do it anymore?

Do I really need a BSN in nursing?

I caught vomit with my hand last night.

It stunk. And I think I saw some banana in it.

I wonder if my kids have the swine flu. I am sure I bring home bugs from work.

I have to hold down the little one to take his med's. It looks like torture.

I miss my hubby.

Nicholas fell off the bed last night. But he landed on some pillows so we are cool.


tiburon said...

Ick on the vomit. And I love red too. And I need to get my hair done too - Monday!

BiBi said...

I love red too - that's why my car is red!

I haven't found a red I like for fingernails (prestamelo) lol j/k!

Poor kids! Hope you don't get sick - but it happens...

I' glad Oscar hasn't gotten home with any of those things. I hate fundraisers too!

I love anything ham! I can't believe you don't like it ha!

I hated mushrooms too, not so much anymore ;)

I need some running shoes (pink please )

LOL! about your hubby firing you!

I hated math too! Good luck!

I didn't know you colored your hair?!

We watch way too much TV here too lol!

I need to get HBO to watch that!

I read your blog! Although I hadn't even blogged lately, too much stress right now.

Who knows?

If I catch vomit, I will vomit eekk!!!

LMBO!!! EWWWWW!!!! See that smell would SOO make me throw up then the texture eek!!

That is scary! I am terrified just thinking about my kids getting it. There's a lot of sick kids at school coughing at each other's faces.

Aww! Poor baby!

I miss my hubby sometimes too - only if he works too much.

HA! I just remembered when Isaac fell off our bed once too, he landed on a pillow I had on the floor too so no harm done!