Monday, June 16, 2008

Gianna's First Mani/Pedi

We had a deal with Gianna if she got all E's on her report card, she could get a mani/pedi. Well she got all E's except one so I am a push over and got her mani/pedi. She was on cloud nine. She picked out the color. She sat in the chair and had a little massage. She was in girlie heaven. I laughed because the ladies in the shop had something to say when I signed her in. They asked

" You mani/pedi?" No as I point to her. It's for her. Then I hear some whispering in a language I clearly don't understand. I felt like I had to defend why I am giving a manicure to a 8 year old.

So I mentioned it was a special gift for her grades. Then I got some more whispers, and some smiles. Genuine smiles I think not, but oh well.

The other ladies there laughed said now you created a monster. I chuckled yeah I know.


Rachel said...

How beautiful! Lucky girl!
Glad she liked it. :) And congrats to her on the great grades.

Mindi said...

okay, that is SOOOO great, and a total coiincidence with the fact that i just took my SEVEN year old to get a manicure today when i got my nails done!! she's been asking forever to go with me and i broke down. i was wishing i had a camera.

you are a better mommy than me!
darling little gal

Quinault said...

Miss O's first mani was when she was 4! She sat there staring at her hand very intently, unwilling to move in case she would be thought "bad."

Good for you! Just call it "personal hygiene" lessons and it is OK ;)