Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Call me Slacker

So all day yesterday was spent cleaning up clothes etc from our trip. I had clothes to wash things to put away. You get the idea. I also spent a good chunk of it making some important phone calls. All the while playing referee to Nicholas, and Richie. They tend to fight with each other a lot now. If Nicholas crawls up to me Richie is sure to follow and vice versa. Nicholas is funny he'll pinch Richie to get him to move. I want to laugh but don't of course. Even though he is little he has his ways of making you move.

I also made the appointment in San Diego for Richie's dentist. He needs to have sedation as I mentioned before. Well we were all confused with which medication they would use so when we cleared that up we made the appt. Poor baby he'll go 7/8. My wallet will be broke by then too. 900.00 just for the sedation, ouch to him ouch to my wallet.

In other boring news. We did the yard last night. I love our new lawn mower. It's a reel mower. So the grass looks like putting green after it's cut. Looks so nice. Did some weed eating and dug out the old sago palms in the front. I bought new plants for the front landscaping. We bought Mediterranean palm trees. I hope they look nice. So this week more yard work. As well as work work. I work Wed. Thurs. ugh!


Rachel said...

Ugh to working Wed/Thurs. I (thank goodness) have off until Saturday, but I DID just work 4 in a row (which adds up when you work 12s!)

Woo hooo on the landscaping. Congrats on the new mower and putting green lawn. Fabulous!