Monday, June 30, 2008

Would you move here?

That is a picture of lovely Hawaii.

Richie and I were having the conversation that where we live is pretty boring. There isn't much diversity here of people or things to do. I am not saying that Hawaii has a boatload of things to do but the kids can be exposed to many things there.

Richie's parents own a home there they rent out. Richie and I talked about moving there when the lease is up. I think it would be a fun adventure. I have no clue what I would do about our current home in the market we have today. But if it could be done I think I would move even if it's for a few years.

So are we crazy to even think it? Would you make a move like that?


Rachel said...

OH YES I would move there! Sounds like a fabulous idea! You have a place to stay, and you KNOW you two could easily find jobs there!

WOW, if you move, can I come visit? ;)

Ida said...

Of course anyone I remotely trust can come visit. And yes jobs would be easy to find. Gotta love nursing!

Mindi said...

that's a hard one....after just getting back and loving every minute of it i would say yes. but then it would never be "special" again--i love to go to las vegas, but never want to live there because it would then not be special anymore, either.

i would, however, move to hawaii if it was on a time frame type deal, like 3 or 4 years, just to have the experience. then maybe you'd find that you loved it so much you'd never leave!

BiBi said...

That would be great!

I wouldn't like to move from here though, maybe just visit! It would be like an adventure indeed!