Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beginning Landscaping

So here is the pile of river rocks that needs to be moved. Wanna come help? ( Notice the Big Pimping Bus) Ha I get such stares.
The cleaning of all the old flowers and bushes.

The beginning. You get the idea. I love my little palm trees. Eventually all the rocks will fill in the flower bed. I still have a few more to plant.

And yes that is one huge Guadalupe in the front yard. If I wasn't Mexican enough now you know. Haha. I think it's rather pretty my Tia/Aunt bought it for me. I plan to move it to the back soon. I think people feel the need to bless themselves before they walk in. LOL


Mindi said...

embrace the mexican in you!! i do every day and it works like a charm--looks good already, ida!

BiBi said...

It's going to look so nice! I've been wanting to get some little saga palms for my front yard. Sometime...
I like the "bus" Hubby was telling me today that he wants to buy me a Yukon. I can just imagine how little me would do it to drive such a big vehicle... I'm happy with my little mustang :)

Rachel said...

Cool landscaping. I hope we get some time to do some here soon! How are you working in that HEAT!?!