Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Please tell me why I am being SO stinking lazy. I just realized I have about 2 months to train for the half marathon. Have I started walking lately NO! Have I started running? NO again. I am tired. I am also mad because I may not meet my goal of losing all the baby weight by the time he is one year old. You can't have a 5 year old, and blame your weight on the baby. LOL OK maybe he isn't 5 but he'll be one, and I have 11 lbs exactly to loose. Now maybe the 11 lbs is far fetched. I would be super excited if I lost 6 of them. But to be real I need to lose 11.

So here's the plan. I will start to run/walk again. I will lay off the Twinkies or whatever is bad in the house. I will drink my water again religiously. I hope to start swimming laps in the city pool soon. I want to get a bike still, but need some cash for that. I don't want just a run of the mill bike in case I decide to do a triathlon still.

Does anyone want to be my trainer. And make sure I get my lazy butt up?


Rachel said...

Oh SISTER! I am WITH you. And my baby is almost TWO!!!! Bwahaaahaa at my fat self.

Anyway... I dream of a triathlon someday too... it is so funny how much we seem to have in common! :)

So... wanna motivate each other? I will get on the treadmill today while the kids are napping if you agree to get in 30 minutes of exercise too. :) We can hold each other accountable. PM me sometime and we should start checking each other. I have about 6 lbs to get to my pre-mommy weight (but 11 would be great! LOL)


BiBi said...

I been really lazy here too. I blame the heat ;)