Sunday, June 1, 2008

I got my Mix Tapes

ok mix cd's but it was so cool to see everyone's CD covers. I was impressed by those who took the time to make a cool cover like Tiburon and Mindi. I am so jealous you ladies have mad skills when it comes to photoshop or whatever program you use.

Mine on the other hand was a a plain old CD. I can't wait to rock out on the new music I got on all the CD's. Thanks again ladies for making it happen. It was fun!


Mindi said...

that was even more fun for me to get something in the mail--isn't it funny how it's sometimes the little things that make us happy??

enjoy and happy listening!

Tiburon said...

I am so glad you got them and you likey. I have been loving mine!

I think I need to do another CD swap. Maybe movie songs or something :)