Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guess what ethnicity I am

Lately while at work I have been getting many questions as far as my ethnicity goes. Yes some of you who read here know where my family originates from. But lately I have gotten Mexican, Indian, Filipino, or African American.

So can you guess by my pictures? Or there's a hint if you have read this blog long enough.

I really don't care when people get it wrong. I have come across people in my day who were offended if you spoke Spanish to them instead of English or vice versa.

I don't care just don't mistake me for a guy and we're cool.


Mindi said...

another reason why we are friends: i get that all the time--esp. in the summer when i get darker. i like to say i'm 1/16th mexi, but we don't really know for sure as it was a big scandal with my great grandma getting prego and she never told.
looking at you i would say mostly latino with a little fillipino and i just spelled that wrong. sorry.

Ida said...

Well I make Mexi-Pino's Yes that's my slang for Mexican Filipino.

I am all Mexican. My dear husband is the rare giant filipino type. So my kids are Mexi-Pino's

Kristi said...

I knew your race, but how do people think you are african-american? Wierdos. I have had people ask me if I am asian. Go figure.