Friday, April 11, 2008

Triathlon Wish List

OK my Peeps any thoughts or advice on this starter pack? I am a novice here a super green one. Looking to get the most for my money before I sink big dollars, and don't even know if I like it. Let me know your thoughts please. The whole kit and kaboodle is around 999.00



Mindi said...

i tried to click on starter to see what it all includes but the link wouldn't work. i did a mini triathlon about 5 years ago and the things that made a difference were a great wetsuit that my arms could rotate in and a nice bike.

good luck--it's a beeyotch, but a very satisfying experience

Dani said...

wow! This is exciting. When is the triathlon? How long is it? I'm SO falling behind on my running. I should be at 7 miles and I am at 5.

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Ida said...

Dani- I still am running sporadically. I have a half marathon coming up in Sept. haha I still haven't trained for.