Wednesday, April 23, 2008

National Clean out the Panty Drawer Day

I am declaring this the National Clean Out Your Panties Drawer Day!

You know I work in an emergency room. You know I am a nurse. Haven't you ever heard your mama say you better wear clean under wear because you never know. Well I am the person that knows.

Anything in your drawer that is stained, the elastic is coming loose, ripped, covered in some sort of God only knows what. It's gotta go! You which ones I am talking about. Period panties, the granny white tent looking ones, yeah those they gotta go too.

Now go clean out your drawers. It is for the benefit of yourself as well as others.

I mean this with love and respect. I did clean out my drawers as well. I was all too happy to take myself to Victoria's to buy me my 5 for 25.00 deal. Gotta love cute under wear.

OK my rant is over. Thank you for looking at my PSA or public service announcement.


Mindi said...

and i still thought that saying was something moms just repeated to scare you....yikes!! i have some beauties that need to G-O, like yesterday. thanks for the reminder!

Candy said...

You crack me up!

The Bristow School said...

LOL!! I think I'm good, I just did this recently. I'll double check though!

Kristi said...


Anonymous said...

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