Friday, April 18, 2008

Well shoot!

Some how I am notorious for running over things. I have replaced 2 tires on our new suburban alone. It isn't even a year old yet.

Well some way some how, I managed to run over something that looked like a metal snail. It was hard and embedded in my back tire. So Richie being the good husband he is took the bus in. Well the shoot part is 600.00 dollars later. I have 1 new tire and new sensors on the bus. He swears I need curb guards on our suburban aka the bus.If you don't know what they are, look at the pic. They should make my suburban more ghetto fabulous. It already has 22 in rims now he jokes he wants to put on curb feelers. Ha ha yeah right!

So anyways, the tire is fixed. Here's to hoping I don't need a new tire again anytime soon.


Julia said...

what on earth was it? i can't imagine anything that looks like a metal snail. LOL

Ida said...

I dunno but it looked like a metal snail. Maybe it was a magnet who knows with my luck.

BiBi said...

I have a habit of parking too close to the curb.
I had scraped my old rims & now the new ones *lol*
I can imagine when DH buys me the ones he really wants for my car... He's going to be an extra ... if there's some scratch on them.