Friday, April 18, 2008

In search of..

The first picture is what scrubs are today. I am guilty of wearing the new type uniform. The pants and a regular shirt. We were given 2 sets for Christmas from our ER doctors.

When I graduated from nursing school. I was happy to wear the traditional white nurse dress, and the nurse cap. Call me nerdy but I am excited when nurse week comes around. Our hospital has many activities and you can wear your traditonal nurse outfit.

Some ladies wear the old style type like the 1940's. Some wear the new style white shirt dress. But they all wear their nurse caps. This year I think I might participate and where the traditional white dress.

I wish I could find a pic from my graduation. I am thinking about bringing back the dress to nursing. It's sort of harder to do in the ER, and we wear hunter green. So if anyone finds a hunter green scrub dress let me know. Thanks.


Julia said...

i love the old fashioned nurses uniforms.

they're awesome :)

Dani said...

I like the dress on the right! Then there is also the sexy nurse! lol But I'm sure that one cant be worn at work lol

Mindi said...

i dont think i have ever seen a nurse in anything BUT scrubs....i would love you to post a picture of you in your white dress--

Ida said...

So it's on like donkey kong. When I get out the old uniform I 'm gonna post a pic. No laughing K. :)