Monday, April 21, 2008

OH Nicholas

Some say you get one of everything when you have a baby. At least that is the way my family sees it.

Anyways Gianna was my sweet little girl. Richie was lovable and playful. Nicholas is a little terror on all fours. OK maybe not a terror, but since he learned to crawl this past week he is into everything.

He unlike my other children sees cords, electrical plug ins and immediately goes straight to them. Yes my house is baby proof, but he is into everything. He pulls things down from the couch. He gets into my diaper bag and launches everything out.

He is too cute. I am on my toes with this little guy.


kaysdee said...

Must be youngest children ;-). Ben wants *everything*, I have to constantly chase him. He also puts everything in his mouth, Katie never did this so I have to be very vigilant with her not to leave any of her smaller toys lying around.