Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Busy

So I have done nothing spectacular this weekend. I did some volunteer work but that was all. It was a lazy lazy weekend. Perfect excuse for me to actually cook something. Or atleast try to cook.

So I gotta say I love Sandra Lee She makes everything look easy to bake or cook. I am a avid fan of her Semi Homemade recipes. Makes my life so much easier than making stuff from scratch.

This weekend I was on a roll. I made pulled pork sandwiches. So super easy to do thanks to a crock pot, some OJ, and some BBQ sauce. I love the kraft foods magazine best thing ever when you need a fast recipe.

I also baked a scrumptous strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Oh it's like pink heaven on a fork. Yeah I was super bad, and had some oh well I'll run some more on the treadmill. LOL