Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cleaning Spree

Boy it sure was quiet at my home today. Richie went to preschool. Gianna was at school, and Nicholas was on a trial run at the new sitters. 4 hours of alone time. I must admit it was great. I cranked up the radio. I gotta listen to Sirius the Big 80's. I love it.

So with all my free time. I did 6 loads of wash. I cleaned out 2 closets. I cleaned out 2 toy boxes. I had a total of 7 bags of stuff to give to goodwill. My little bus is packed to the gills with stuff. I even swept mopped did dishes sterilized bottles and breast pump stuff.

I updated the wall calender. Cleaned out the truck, and the counter that seems to acquire whatever is in my pockets from the end of the day. It felt nice to have a clean house even if it was for a few hours.


Dani said...

WOW your good. All that cleaning! I would have probably wasted half that time figuring out what I should do!