Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Off the Stripper Pole

Funny title huh let me explain.

Gianna got her report card last week. She did really well. She got 13 E's and 5 S+. She is doing exceptionally well. I am very proud of her. I told her if she received all E's she would get a mani/pedi.

Yes this is a big thing to her. She is a bit of a girly girl. So a mani/pedi would be heaven to her. I was talking with my BFF Angela she was saying her daughter did well but could have done better etc. Know what I mean. Well that got us to talking about our expectations of our daughters.

I told her as long as I keep her off the stripper pole or off the streets, my job is done. Is that wrong to not have huge expectations for your daughter?

Of course I would be happy overjoyed if she was a Dr, a lawyer ,a teacher ,a nurse. I really don't care though if she wants to be a SAHM. I want her to be happy. My boys same thing if they are out of prison or a gang. Yeah me!

I know my kids will make their own decisions when they are older and will need to live up to those decisions. But I will do my best to keep her off the pole.

Gianna is so cute though everyday her occupation changes some days she wants to be a ballerina, a teacher, a dentist, a nun. It's great!


Mindi said...

oh, AMEN to that, sister!!! that is one of the smartest posts i think i've read, and you put it just right. that is gonna be my new mantra with four girls. well done!