Sunday, April 27, 2008

No air condtioning ahhhhh!

So it's been hovering around the 90's here lately. I hate where we live at times.

Anyways my dad came out the other day to take a look at our a/c. The dog had chewed some wires so we needed it looked at before we started it for the summer season. Well when he came he fixed the wires and woohoo it was working great.

Well go to put it on yesterday no a/c. AHHHH! (Insert a melting Ida here). It was terribly hot. So my dad comes out again. Takes a look at it no luck. He can't figure out why it's not working now. So no a/c that night.

The next day he has a friend who really works on a/c to take a look. Yeah thank heavens he was able to fix it. It needed a relay wire to the thermostat. So now we have a/c I am sitting in cool comfort as we speak.

Other things I did this weekend except melt was some volunteer work at a Children's festival. I went to help out the breastfeeding coalition. I was suppose to help set up. But we had no gear or paper work to help set up so it was a slow start. About 15 minutes before the festival was suppose to start the stuff started to show up and magically we had a booth stocked set up and ready to go.


The Bristow School said...

Wow, 90's? Sheesh! We've been lucky to clear 60 a few times here. It's cold again now, 40's and windy for a high. We have permanent AC outside, come sit here and you'll cool off!

Glad you were able to get the ac up and running!

Mindi said...

oh, my--i would absolutely have a real, honest-to-goodness LIFE MELTDOWN if i had no a/c--you are lucky you have a dad that can come out and at least semi know what to do....we always have to pay top dollar to get a tech to look at anything broken round these parts.

is the dog okay after gnawing on those wires????