Monday, April 28, 2008

Need your Cold Stone Help

So Nurse's Week is coming up. A fun game the hospital is putting on is putting together your favorite Cold Stone combination. It has to relate to nursing as well. Well I am not a big ice cream connoisseur so my fellow readers I need some help. Here is the listing of possible creations. So what do you think willing to help me out with it.

The rules are it could have 2 flavors, and 3 mix in's. So thanks anyone that helps out.

The winning combo will be available at our local Cold Stone Yummy!


Mindi said...

i didn't even look at the possible combos, because i get the same thing every time and HEART it so....not over the top, but oh so yummmmmm.
french vanilla with reeses, hot fudge, and butterscotch or carmel.

now i'm going there today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ida! I couldn't resist... so here goes:

ER nurses Coldstone Creation

We are ER nurses. If you are not one of us, you may not understand what we do. So here is a glimpse of our profession, through a sweet and tasty treat:

Coffee and Sweet Cream mix and swirl together, a dichotomy of our daily duties; and we mix in bananas, Butterfinger chips, and fudge as part of our care.

Our first flavor- coffee – is for the high energy work we do: the hyped up state of our job

Our second flavor- sweet cream – is for the way we treat people: we appease, we nurture, we comfort, we give the happy face even when our minds and our hands are racing to save lives.

Bananas to represent the health promotion we teach- we remind you to get your fruit and fiber, to eat healthy, and to watch your potassium.

Butterfinger chocolate chips to represent the skill of our hands- fingers that skillfully place IVs, mix medications, localize hurt, bandage wounds, and program lifesaving equipment.

Fudge to represent the way we love our work- it is sweet, comforting, warm, and rewarding, but it can sometimes get a little sticky!


Candy said...

I would definitely say coffee and ghiradelli chocolate ice cream. Add in some Ghirdelli chips and caramel for a Chocolate Caramel Mocha.