Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Music Swap

I spent a good part of my morning making my mix tapes. Thank you Tiburon and Mindi .

I felt so junior high school. Maybe elementary school. I remember being cheap and waiting for "thee" song to come on the radio so you could record it straight from the radio. Only to have the DJ announcer guy jack it up and yell out the call letters of the station too early in the song.

I remember when I was younger a boy made me a mix tape. I still remember the song he wanted me to hear so bad. It was by The Cure Just Like Heaven. ahh 7th grade memories.

So it was fun to make a mix tape of the 80's so my fellow bloggers can listen. I sent mine out yesterday. Be on the look out Mindi.


Tiburon said...

Ok now you have me didn't actually do a tape right? I have no tape player!

Quinault said...

I am and always will be a sucker for the Cure. Ah, memories-my dh proposed to me at a Cure concert, right when Lovesong started.

Ida said...

NO NO no tapes Tib I made a CD mix. Haha.

Mindi said...

hey, i think we ALL should have done tapes if we really were committed to keeping it totally 80' funny would that have been????
i am hoping i will find your package when i come home on sunday!