Sunday, September 9, 2007

Made it

I have been feeling bad we haven't been to church in a month since the birth we finally made it there today. We have a new father in the church, he seems like he is really in to the gospel. He'll raise and lower his voice loud enough to get your attention if it seems you are dozing off.

Gianna was signed up for cathecism today. I don't know about other churches but you have to pay/donate for cathecism. I was worried that we didn't have enough cash and of course I didn't bring my check book but luckily we had enough on us and she was signed up. She was excited she knows her teacher already.

Little Richie had a free for all with anyone elses toys in the baby/cry baby room as I call in in church. A little girl was taking his cars but luckily he didn't complain he actually shared I was so proud.

that's about it I am a football widow today Big Richie is out watching the game while I try to manage all 3 kids yeah me..........