Thursday, September 20, 2007

Richie's 40th Nostalgia

Yep my husband turned 40 on the 14th. I am planning a major party for him with all the bells and whistles like a DJ, food (I don't have to cook yipee), a hall to have it in and of course the beverages like beer wine soda etc. You get the point.

It's a themed party so I am hopping most people dress up like I worded on the invites. It's a throwback party for the 60,70,80 & 90's. I can't wait.

On Wednesday I went to Staples and made covers of albums my aunt let me use. It was nice to go through memory lane of the bands Richie use to listen to and still does. The albums were the property of my late Uncle Steve who died almost 10 years ago. It makes me sad to think he is gone Uncle Steve and Richie would have gotten along famously. Both listened to 80's Rock Ballads as well as the ever present Journey albums. I miss my Uncle Steve.

But the centerpieces are color copies of the albums and I have bought lot's of table favors from oriental the cheapest place around. I got goofy stuff like the ray ban sunglasses from Risky Business, hippie necklaces, rubix cubes, and slinky's. Disco ball neckalces and such I hope everyone has a good time I am excited.

I am sure in the coming week I will be more crazier than I alreayd am trying to get stuff together.