Monday, September 17, 2007

Crying= Drinking just kidding

There is some things I can't stand in this world of mommy-hood, and one of them is non stop crying or whining. Call me a bad mommy I don't care but there is something to be done when your 2 year old stops talking and decides to whine or cry all day.

I know many will say it's the new baby and he is protesting. Yes this may be true but we have tried to oodle him with all the attention, and praise a parent can give with no luck. What happened to my easy going bay boy, he has been infected by the crying bug. I want my normal baby boy back. Above is a crying baby bottle opener, if the crying continues it may cause me to drink. LOL
Our day begins with the normal activities followed by crying...
me: do you want cereal or mama to make you some eggs?
Richie: EGGS!
me: OK here are your eggs.
Richie: wah wah it's to hot!
me: let me cool them (insert me trying to cool eggs)
Richie: wah wah wah my cup is too heavy!
me: WTH thinking to myself? cup to heavy ???
everything is a struggle or battle all this while I am trying to nurse Nicholas.
He than proceeds to throw down some juice his fork and himself on the kitchen floor.
Darn those CPS folks and their rules. Kidding I would never beat my child but boy does it sounds appealing today.
Did I tell you it's barely 8:10 a.m. yeah my day is turning out great. I love being a mom.