Monday, August 27, 2007

1st day of school

There is something to be said about your daughter attending the same elementary school as you did. Most of the buildings are the same, with the addition of some new trailers to accommodate all the students they have now. I like the fact that I live in a small town. Her teacher grew up her as well as lives down the street from the school too.
I asked Gianna if she was excited today about her first day she said she was nervous. My poor little girl has no classmates from last year in her class so she has to start new. The only exception is a little boy whom she's gad a crush on since Kinder. It was funny. I/we were late I have to get use to getting up early again I guess. Bad mommy. Well a few minutes late so we walk in everyone is seated. The teacher looks at her and I and says I know your whole family. I introduce Gianna , and she begins to look for her seat. Lord behold her seat is next to Dylan her little crush. He taps the desk next to him to show her where it was at. Oh my gosh I had a smile on my face and so did Gianna. So knowing her she'll need to be moved soon enough for talking but boy it was cute to see her expression.

Richie was utterly bored out of his mind today asking where his TiTi aka sister is. He was quite for a minute I should of know he was up to something sure enough he had gotten into the lotion. Notice the pic and all the spots. I guess his shirt was fitting today.
"I tried to be good but I got bored". Big Richie finished up some work today so he went to the hospital for a bit. I did some last minute shopping for Gianna. In all an eventful day.


Tiburon said...

Oh my goodness she looks so grown up!!