Saturday, August 25, 2007

Call me Vain...

Yep I said it I am vain. I can't believe how much weight I need to loose thanks to my beautiful baby boy , and all the yummy food I gorged on while pregnant. I know I did this to myself. But dang you would think you have a 8 lb baby count the bag of waters blood etc. I would think I would loose 20 lbs right off the bat nope not happening at all.

I need to loose 40 lbs so that my clothes I bought before Nicholas can be worn again, and not look like they are painted on. Oh the joys of pregnancy. Here's the kicker though I can't really diet because I am nursing and it can affect your milk supply. I need to excercise when I feel up to it still a bit sore from the birth. I just need to loose. OK my rant is over.