Sunday, August 26, 2007

me & cars

Let's just say I am the most unlucky person when it comes to cars and their tires. This past Friday I guess I ran over something in the street and pop there is a hole in my tire. So I drive to my moms house. That is where the kids were at. I am so pissed all I hear is a hissing sound coming from the tire and see a gash in the tire. ugh! Call Richie and tell him about my latest tire bashing incident. He is upset of course. Our tires are not cheap to say the least and now that we have custom tires on the suburban as well as the truck the tires cost about 200.00 each. Ouch to the pocket book.

Let me tell you this is my 4rd tire in 3 years. 1 tire blew out on the way back from the community college. Luckily my brother came to my rescue to change it. 2nd tire blew out I hit the curb in the truck on our vacation in San Diego that was fun to change plus Richie had locks on the wheels so it made it that much harder. 3rd tire in the mall parking lot, this time we have AAA but he doesn't have the right lug nut for our particular wheel which makes a quick tire change a 2 hr. event. 4th tire well read above.

I think AAA loves me and my business. LOL