Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking forward to it !

I am looking forward to having a night alone with the hubby this weekend. We are going to a hospital function that happens to be at a new casino this coming weekend. I am so happy. :)

I am so happy the weather although warm during the day is great in the evenings with temps in the 70's.

To finally being done with any that involves anesthesia. The boys made it through just fine. Although Richie is still sore which is understandable.

To being able to wear a coat again, and sweaters.

To baking I love baking and keeping the house warm with goodies in the oven warmth.

To buying a cocktail dress for the upcoming parties, and banquets we have coming up. I love a good cocktail dress. And of course the shoes.

What are you excited for or looking forward to?


tiburon said...

I am looking forward to Adam getting home on Nov 6th.

I am looking foward to Halloween.

And Nicole getting here for 9 days.

And getting this weight off!!

BiBi said...

Sounds like everything is great! So glad to hear that xoxo!