Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life as Nicholas

Nicholas funny. He truly is a snake charmer. He can smile and hug his way through almost anything. I blame my weakness on him being the baby.

Anyways Nicholas as we know it.

Power my butt.
Also known as powder my butt. He is one kid who requests powder on his butt every diaper change.

This morning he asked for dirget dirget dirget. I was like huh? Well turns out he wanted Yogurt.

He yells ,and fights when it's time for bed. Until you mention that you'll put on Bob the Builder DVD, and then all is right in the world ,and he'll go to bed no fuss.

He jumps off the couch like a baby evil knievel. Trying to fly as he says.

He has a better appetite than any of the other kids, and will eat everything. From sushi to chicken salad heck he'll even try salsa. Until he says hawt hawt hawt. (hot)

He runs like the wind. And I even have to wrangle him up from running in the street etc.

Anyways he is a good boy who brings me joy and laughter.


BiBi said...

AWW! What a little sweetheart ♥ xoxo!