Monday, November 2, 2009

Bit of Freak

So I am a bit of a freak. Always out for the best deal, cheapest I could find, let me look around kind of girl.

Well I was on the hunt for a silver dress. Yes we are weirdos but the department chooses a color for the Christmas party and all the girls where that particular color. Well this year it was silver.

Not being the disco loving lady, I was hard set on finding something appropriate, and not resembling a disco ball.

So I searched high and low at Fashion Valley thee best mall in all of San Diego. No luck. Unless I wanted to wear a tube top looking dress, that I would be embarrassed to show my mommy too.

So I came across a simple dress that I could butter up and make it look nice enough.

Oh and since I love the ladies of mad men. It was mad men inspired. Take a look.

Yeah me pissed off looking. My hubby was being an arse when I told him I needed a picture.
And with a belt. And yes I know I have 2 different shoes on. It's so I can get an opinion.

Thoughts. Can't beat the dress price 29.00 at forever 21. :)


tiburon said...

Great dress! Well done :)