Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thanks Tiburon for the banner I stole. Go check her out here. Sharkbait

I am thankful for..

-new flooring

- a raise for hubby

- more hours at my other job (to be able to purchase new flooring).

- Starting my BSN next week on line.

- Warmer weather shorts in the winter time is grand. :)

- My hubby weed eating the back yard! Go hubby!!

- My beautiful kids they do brighten my day that is for sure.

- Gianna working towards her First Holy Communion.

- And of course everyday I am thankful for the charmed life I live. I have a job, home, cars, and kids. I am thankful for sure.


tiburon said...

All super fantastic things to be thankful for.Glad you like the logo too :)

Inyavic said...

I thank God for your life

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