Monday, April 27, 2009

Beauty Products I love

I am in love with lotion. I slather this on my children and at work after washing my hands a gazillion times a day this works and it smells yummy. Plus it's cheap like less than 4.00 at whatever store carries baby stuff.
OK I was a little worried about this one. Come on really a mascara that will lengthen my lashes and not make them fall down yeah right. Well it works. I love this stuff. I have the long lashes like fake ones but no no no these are my lashes. When you wash it off you get this little tube thingys in your hand or wash clothes, but those are the tubes washing off. No smudging or flaking for me either.

Ssssh don't tell anyone my most favorite after the shower lotion has a hemp leaf on it. I use this stuff everyday and through out the day. I LOVE it. It's kind of pricey but it smells great and leaves me silky smooth. LOL I buy mine at trade secrets.

Yes I know today's post is more of an infomercial, but thought I would share.


Mother Goose said...

hey, it is always good to get feed back on products!

BiBi said...


I saw that mascara the other day and thought about it! I need to try it now ;)