Friday, April 10, 2009

The healing benefits of Bacon.

According to an article here Bacon can cure the hangover. There is something in the bacon that raises amino acids which aides in curing the dreaded hangover. Who would have thunk it that bacon cures all. Now only is bacon could cure cancer all would be right in the world. LOL

I am happy to know about this although I will not be needing this cure I haven't drank in forever, let alone gotten drunk. oh well hope it helps you.


Mother Goose said...

hmm.. that is a good piece of info to pass on. I don't believe I have ever had a hang over. I haven't drank in almost 20 years. But, I am sure I know a few people who would find this info valuable.

Paige and family said...

Who would have thought bacon could cure the hang over. I would think it would make you feel sicker with all that grease. Interesting none the less.