Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guilty of....

I am guilty of giving my kids Mrs.Fields Cookies while I want to shop at the mall. Those little nibblers work wonders for 2 boys who get bored shopping.

Making the same food over and over again. I really shold try new recipes but I know what works, and what I won't burn so I make it over and over.

Eating chocolate almost everyday. (And I wonder why I don't loose any weight)

Using the dish washer when I don't have a full load.

Also throwing all the clothes in to the washer and not seperating them.

Rather than trying to find the little socks my house eats, I just bought some new ones for Richie.

Listening to really bad rap music full blast when the kids aren't in the car.

Laughing a little too much at the Movie " The Sweetest Thing" reminds me of "The Hangover" but in girl version. And of course not any of those nice pictures in the credits.

And of course can't wait till the movie comes out on Tuesday. Going to buy it in blue ray for all it's glory.

Still liking Milli Vanilli. Girl you know it's true! C'mon I know you thought it was a good song too.

Anyways that's about for now. Have a great weekend!!!