Sunday, December 6, 2009

Random Thoughts.

Things on my mind lately.

The mountain of laundry I have to do. And my missing a cleaning lady.

Socks, why does my house eat socks of little people?

My sort of Charlie Brown tree everyday the ornaments are rearranged in new ways, thanks to the kids.

My lack of any creativity when it comes to dressing up said dress.

I want a new coat, I may have bought one at forever 21. Now I want another one .

And is it wrong that I still shop there. I am 30 this year, but refuse to shop for "mom"jeans.

My husband calling 5 times while he is suppose to be shopping for my gifts.

My anniversary coming up on the 20th. 10 years baby!

Me thinking I should be running but always having an excuse not to run.

My love of the movie Wedding Singer. Add 50 First Dates to that too.

I finally saw New Moon. I liked it, and was sort of blahed by it. I did however feel like a pedophile watching it that Jacob was smoking.

I probably thought he was too cute for my own good. My friend called me a MILF. ha ha!

The 3 Christmas parties I have coming up.

One semi formal the other jeans, and cute tops parties.

Still not knowing if I am working the Holidays. I wish my schedule was out already.