Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy = Bad Blogger

I had to work Thursday had Friday off and worked the weekend. I was super busy these past few days. Returning to work is fun. It also reminds me how naive people can be and how many should not have children in my little opinion.

Friday was my meeting with the small business admin. They told me the first steps I need to take I was on the right track but had things out of order so I need many more stops along the way in order to start the business. I have another meeting this Friday again to discuss tax's and book keeping good times Huh?

Saturday and Sunday I earned my pay check I was super busy had sick people and time consuming patients. I was happy they liked me as a nurse and were happy with the care I gave them. It's always nice to get postive feed back from my patients. I saw a few reagualr patients too. We call them frequent fliers. You recall them by name and know their whole medical history by heart they don't even have to tell you again because you know them so well. One of them was a very nice patient who I ahve had to take care of in the past the family is always nice and pleasant. Makes my job much easier.

Monday was veg day I literally wanted to sleep all day the skies were gloom since it rained in the night. I was tired the weekend had caught up with me.

Today is a new day Gianna is getting an award at school I have a Breastfeeding coaltition meeting today not sure if I can make it back in time for Gianna's award so I may skip that meeting. Ballet is tonight. Just another day in our household here. Richie is still potty training well. He has accidents from time to time. And Nicholas my sweet baby is 3 months now. Time is flying by.