Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nicholas's Baptism

Here are some pictures from Nicholas's baptism. His godparents or padrino's were Nichole and Bryan Obeso they are both my cousins. Nicholas did so well during the mass, and while being blessed by the water. We had a small luncheon afterwards at our home. We are so happy to have Nicholas finally baptized.


Tía Carmen said...

Hi guys, sorry we missed such a special occasion. We love the pictures! Babies are so precious. Enjoy them because they grow up extremely fast. I wish I had taken the time to journal every step of their growth. They will love you for that. Life is so brief and it is so great that you are enjoying your babies so much. If you can afford it, stay home as much as you can and treasure them. Love, Tia and Tio Carmen and Jose.

Aimee said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.