Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hump Day

Today is a great day I finally found someone to help out with the children. I am very lucky my aunt has agreed to come help out a few days per week. Yeah me, now I can go out to the store with out all the children, go to an appointment with out kids in tow. Make some phone calls with out someone yelling mama mama at the top of their lungs. I am so happy.

I pulled Gianna's front top tooth out last night. She was upset but the poor tooth was dangling there holding on by a thread. So yank I pulled it out. She cried for a bit but that's Gianna it wouldn't be her unless some tears were involved. LOL I am sad to say though she looks some what like a snaggle tooth now in front oh well for Christmas pictures. My poor baby girl.

Richie is a potty training graduate he is doing very well. He does on occasion have a poopy accident but other wise he is doing really well. He loves to turn on the water after to wash his hands and gets a kick out of flushing the toilet. Oh the joys of a 2 yr old.

Nicholas I am told is a big boy. I guess when you see them every day you don't know how big they really are. Well according to everyone else he looks like a 6 month old. I love my big ol baby he is such joy a happy baby. Yes he has his crying moments but it's usually because he likes the arms and wants to be snuggled all day long.

enough for now have a great day. thanks for reading.