Monday, March 31, 2008

Tag your it

I was tagged by Dani

Tell me some random things about your children.

Gianna- She is funny the girl has no common sense. How do you teach a person common sense? You don't right? She worries me. LOL She is in competition with a boy in her class over accelerated reader points. This is the same boy she had a crush on awhile back. She also makes her own deals with us. For instance she wants a mani/pedi if she gets all E's on her report card. She is excellent at ballet though. She looks beautiful when she is in class.

Richie- Oh my Richie. He is all boy. He yells and screams in the house. He has 2 levels of sound loud and louder. When he doesn't want a food he says "it's too good". He loves to give hugs and kisses. He tells people to look at his hair lately since he has a mohawk. He dances the robot. I wish I could catch him in video. He yells in the car get on the train mama. He thinks our suburban is a train.

Nicholas- My baby boy. Even though he is a baby I know he knows. He waits till I am just about to remove his diaper to start peeing. He even gets a little smirk on his face when he does it. He yells and screams when he is frustrated. He grabs you on both sides of the face lately so he can draw you in and try and bite you. He hums to his boobs when he is eating. He smiles cries and makes funnr faces when he sleeps. I wonder what he dreams about?

Tag your it now.