Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Triathlon anyone?

Yes call me nutty buddy. But I think I want to try a triathlon someday. Just to say I did it. I am one of those people I think we all have a life list. Well one of those things on my list is to complete a triathlon. When I mentioned this to hubby he thought I meant the Iron Man. Huh yeah right I just want to do a little one like a sprint one. One that I can handle. I am in no way ever going to complete an Iron man no way in h#ll.

The one I am planning for is in Hawaii. I figure I can make a vacation out of it as well. Now I just need to scrape together my pennies and buy a decent bike to start training with. Wish me luck or a larger does of my crazy med's.


Triathlonmom said...

You are going to love it! And I bet you'll get bit by the triathlon bug like I did. Hawaii sounds like a great first race.