Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Too Tired Tuesday

Yes I know it's only Tuesday but I am super tired already. This has been a busy week. I had to scramble and switch schedules with the hubby. Our sitter cancelled this week, which caused havoc in the household. I hate that. I like knowing where my children will be and who will be watching them.

I work tomorrow as well. But luckily my nana/ grandpa for you folks who don't know Nana has agreed to watch Nicholas. Phew. Just need to make it through Wednesday, and then I am home free.

The rest of the week is easy. I will be taking Gianna to the bike shop to pick out a new bike courtesy of my mother in law. I placed an order for high school musical goodies for her birthday. They should be arriving shortly. I also need to start planning for which day I will have her party on.

Other than that I can't wait till my day off. :)