Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shoes - A love story

A girl can wish can't she? Let's go window shopping a'la internet. Maybe if I am lucky I can find the knock off of these shoes some where. I love shoes. I always have. I am the type of girl that will buy the shoes, and then look for the outfit to match them. I love my DSW here. I am a loyal customer.

I love a good pump or a boot. This year I bought some new flat boots, at Forever 21 one of my favorite stores. For 20 bucks. Can't go wrong with that price. And yes I am far from 21 but still love the store. It feeds my trendy monster.

Anyways, off to find some cute pumps, and some where to wear them too. hmmmm????

I especially love that purple pump reminds me of Prince in the 80's.


BiBi said...

Those are all nice! I really like the last ones!!

Which reminds me, I need some new shoes now LOL!