Monday, February 16, 2009

$30.00 later

I spent about $30.00 last night on music for my Ipod. I tunes is a sickness that takes my money. I literally found some gift cards in a cabinet while I was cleaning. I loaded some running music, Lily Allen, M.I.A, and some really bad rapper music. I like listening to really fast beats when I am running.

So hopefully I can be a happy runner again.


Mother Goose said...

i have to listen to fast beats when I am cleaning the house. wanna hear something sad? I used to clean the house to Michael Jackson when I was younger.

BiBi said...

When I tried to buy one last time, it said I needed to update itunes... Luckily my computer won't do updates. If it was up to date, I'd probably do the same LOL!

tiburon said...

You need to get on Go Music. $30 would last you a year :)

Ida said...

Never heard of it. Thanks