Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Say What?

I am guilty of just watching the Bachelor at the end. I just want to see who he ends up with and all the drama of the ending episode. That is all I could care less about the rest.

I am guilty of checking my email all day long. I check it almost 5 times a day unless I am at work.

I want to go to Camera school in May. They actually have a Nikon school, and I really want to go.

I let my kids watch too much television. Most times it is white noise in the back but it's almost always on. I am guilty.

I cleaned out 7 bags of crap out of Gianna's room. It was sickening how much stuff we actually buy our children.

I listed a bunch on craigslist. I hope to make a little profit for my cleaning extravaganza.

I like watching dog shows, like the dog competition.

I watch those stupid plastic surgery shows on E or the health channel.

I envy those who can run run. I can run walk/waddle with the best of them.

I once was passed by a Elvis who pissed her pants, and a chick in a chicken suit. It made me feel even slower than I already am.

Speaking of Vegas, and all things Elvis. I told the hubby I wanna get married again in Vegas. A fun wedding maybe Elvis can marry us. Want to come? It will be a blast.

That's about it for now. I feel like my brain just threw up, and you got to read the contents of it. Enjoy!


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I am totally cracking up... I'll come to your elvis wedding if you come to my fern grotto wedding on Kauai. I always tell my hubby I wanna get remarried... to him of course... on Kauai in the Fern Grotto on Waialua River... hmmmm what a great fantasy!

Keep the brain throw up coming... your thoughts make my day!

BiBi said...

That's just how it is sometimes ;)

That wedding you planning sounds so cool! Good Luck! Can't wait to hear what you finally decide =)