Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

A good sneeze feels really good.

I love the smell of wet dirt right after it rains.

I smell my clothes right out of the dryer. Love the smell of the dryer sheets.

I pluck my eyebrows everyday.

I talk to my mom almost everyday.

I want a new tattoo. Then only thing stopping me is where to put it.

I am an ultimate bargain shopper. I usually only buy stuff on sale. Except for purses.

I miss Michael Jackson when he was normal, and still sung.

I am going to drop my math class. I need to go back to a remedial one. Yeah I suck.

I like reading the random quotes people put on their emails.

We watch a lot of Veggie Tales here almost everyday.


BiBi said...

You pluck everyday?! You rock! I let mine go 2 week without it and woah!! LOL!
I didn't know u had a tattoo?
And here at my house it's The Incredibles everyday now LOL!

tiburon said...

Totally agree with you on the sneeze.
Love dryer sheets.
I pluck everyday too.
I have one tattoo.
Total bargain shopper.