Monday, February 23, 2009

Mad at Monday.

Today is a bad day. I dropped my math class. It really is too hard for me. I need to go back to beginning Algrebra and start over. Since I dropped my class, I had to return the book. I get me, and the boys ready and we head out.

The parking lot is full to the brim with cars. I had to park in secondary parking like 2 football fields away from the book store. So here I am with Nicholas, and Richie trying to get them to the book store. Finally wait in the 20 minute line to return the book. Yeah to getting my money back.

Other than that. I hit up Old Navy. Yes I charged it back with the money I got back form the book. Pants on clearance plus an additional 50% off clearance woot woot!


BiBi said...

I might have done the same thing LOL!