Monday, May 25, 2009

Am I the witch?

Some days I think my kids think I am the wicked witch. I know on some days when the kids are driving me up the wall. I may resemble her look and that thing she is doing with her hands.

I try to be a good mom but not everyday do I succeed. I get annoyed by the "mama mama mama" like a hundred times in a minute. I feel like a waiter with the "juice puleese" every 10 minutes. Or the latest " more or mas" that coming from the little one.

I do love being a mom though. When they are sleeping peacefully in their beds. Just kidding. I do love all parts of being a mom just not the vomit ones so much.

So even when I feel like the wicked witch. I do it with love and not evil.


BiBi said...

I know, I know! I feel the same way at times ;)