Monday, May 18, 2009

Kill them with kindness

Are you a kill them with kindness kind of person? I must say I love how when people are trying to get a rise out of you, and fluster you. That you keep your cool say all the "right words" and piss off the other people.

I am talking in reference to one of the Dr's. One who asked me this weekend if I speak English and if I understood his instructions? Yeah in my head I am thinking yeah dip shit I do understand English. But what came out was the most PC nice words I could say. It pissed him off. I LOVED it. To which he promptly hung up on me only after saying Thank you.

I must say it takes a lot for me to blow up on you. At work I am trying to be the most professional nurse. Even at times when families and Dr's are pissing me off to no end. I keep my cool, and move along.

So this weekend was an exercise in keeping my cool. For which I did wonderfully.

On to other things. Things I must suggest make some decision about your health like whether or not you want "all" to be done. In my house if I am dead dead let me go. Don't put me on life support. Same goes for the hubby.


mother goose said...

i feel elated when I do not allow customers to get the best of me. And then I say, Thank you Lord.

But, I definitely feel stronger when I succeed.

I have irate passengers who can say the most assinine things. I don't sink to their level.