Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I ponder?

So when I talk about blogging to other people do they think I am crazy for blogging?

I talk about people like I know them just from reading their blogs.

I may have lost my mother of the year award when I whispered under my breath, little f-ers when I found my wedding ring and watch in a dump truck upstairs. I had been looking all day for it.

I have another appointment tomorrow with the plastic. The big finale before I decide which Dr.

I really want to see the musical Wicked. I read the book awhile back and it's coming to SD in August.

Why am I obsessed with a good deal. I am those freaky lady's who has coupons for almost everything.

Why are my kids pros at whining? I am tired of it.


mother goose said...

LOL, i loved this post. it was real!